Why become a Numera Dealer?

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Nortek is the #1 provider of Personal Emergency Response Solutions (PERS) to Indenpendent Dealers in US. Numera Libris mobile PERS numeradevices2is Nortek’s state-of-the-art flagship line, offering unique and highly competitive features, such as fall detection, health and activity tracking, 2-way voice, GPS, social cloud platform, and much more.numera-devices2numera-devices2 Here are a few advantages you will have by becoming a Numera dealer:

          • Leading Edge Technology: mPERS coupled with fall detection and cloud service enables enhanced revenue opportunities
          • Fast Results: no installation or extra field time needed. Ability to double your profit over competing mPERS units just 8 months with all the features activated
          • An Easy Sell and Upsell: the advanced fall detection, intelligent accessories, and new cloud platform features that will enable family members, friends and caregivers to keep in touch with your customers
          • Partnerships: with a variety of Monitoring Service Partners
          • Free training: with sales and marketing support

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How to become a Numera Dealer

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The process to become a Numera dealer is easy:

  1. Sign up for the Numera Dealer resources, learn more (register on this page) via free training videos
  2. Identify which Monitor Service Provider you are going to use and sign up
  3. Sign up for Dealer Portal (device management) and Purchase products

Why Register?

Why Register?

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